153: Burgers, Ice Cream and Edibles (Oh My!)

in this latest episode, Steve takes his daughter out for burgers and ice cream over the weekend. The Burger joint we went to was Local Burger in Northampton, MA. Great little joint. The ice cream was not just any other ice cream but Thai Rolled Ice Cream from Absolute Zero! Delicious day and goofing off while we walked around was a good time.

Also in the show we talk about the rumor that one of the long running shows we have been a fan of is ending its run after some audio had popped up recently. Is it true? Signs are beginning to point towards yes, but we can’t rely on rumors.

Joe is back (sort of) and we cover one of the three videos he put up recently. All this and Steve indulges in edibles!


Absolute Zero – Thai Rolled Ice Cream

Thai Rolled ice cream

Local Burger

Poutine from Local Burger Juicy Lucy from Local Burger








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