Moving into our new home.

Well hello there everyone. It’s your old pal VooDooStevie here. We are almost done moving into our new home. Just a few more things to add to the site before we get into new shows and new content.

We had been with our previous host for about 6 years and although they were great in the amount of space they gave for the files, it was a burden getting them to admit that the response time waiting for a page to load on the site was atrocious. You would wait anywhere from 3 to 8 seconds for the pages to load on the site and believe me it was a pain in the ass for me as well trying to maintain the site and get postings done.

I have been lucky to have a friend who is allowing me to host through him and believe me it will not go unnoticed. So without¬†further ado…

Ummm… I got nothin. However, if you have ideas what we can add to the site to make your visit more enjoyable, feel free to send an email to


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