S01E09 – Vag Beer and Steel Seal

Vodka and cranberry strike once again as I talk about beer made from… basically, cunt juice.We’re in the Google Play podcast directory click that link if you didn’t follow what I had read off. New video on Youtube. Oh and I remember something about millennials and […]

S01E08 – Vodka, It’s Potatoes!

I wanted to do the show last week but just so much was going on in my head nothing was coming out. So now there is this batch of verbal diarrhea where I talk about PodCamp Western Mass 8, Toby Turner’s rape allegation and […]

S01E07 – The Show Awakens

This show is Hot Shit! Well, one of those best describes it. We get a weather update from Franky the Weatherman in Canada. I ramble about voice acting and wanting to bring back the characters. I may or may have not been drunk again. […]

S01E06 – Everything’s Lame!

OK! I’m back. Calm yer tits! Well I will be honest, I was drinking when recording this. Annnnnd, there is a little special secret bonus for you all. Shhhhhh! Listen to the show, will you! What I have been doing lately. Patreon! Join us!  […]


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