S01E05 – Not Cool VooDooStevie

I am back like herpes… Just not as gross. We cover quite a bit since I have been gone… What have I been up to since the last show long ago. Check out Ten Second Songs:¬†https://www.youtube.com/user/TenSecondSongs Not so Cool Cat. Fair Use informational Happy […]

S01E04 – Fourgeddaboutit!

In this episode Steve explains that he is a sickly person which was the main cause of the hiatus. Also the show is no longer doing the geeky topic per episode because research is hard! We talk about a complete out of it (OOIT) […]

A poll for Episode four of VooDooRadio

Answer the poll so we can talk about it on the show and stuff. Or call the Drunk Line with more comments, questions, or whatever is on your mind. [wpdevart_poll id=”1″ theme=”2″]

S01E03 – March of the Penguin

It’s our geekiest episode ever as we delve into the operating system known as Linux. What is it? Why use it? What two myths about it can be disproved? This and more on our waddling episode of VooDooRadio. Give a call to the drunk […]

I’m Social… sort of.