S01E08 – Vodka, It’s Potatoes!

I wanted to do the show last week but just so much was going on in my head nothing was coming out. So now there is this batch of verbal diarrhea where I talk about PodCamp Western Mass 8, Toby Turner’s rape allegation and vodka. It’s Potatoes!

Music in the show includes:

  • Radio Song – Jimmy’s Chicken Shack
  • ‘Shia LaBeouf’ Live – Rob Cantor
  • Hocus Pocus Parody – Kidnap the Children – The Hillywood Show

Here’s the video we covered a little bit of talking about the rape allegation that is against Toby Turner from YouTube.

And here is a video posted by Toby himself regarding the accusations. Quick and to the point, she is full of it:


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