S01E10 – Drama Llama Ding Dong

The Llama does not stray far from the drama going on with YouTube Fair Use Law Suits ramping up again, but this time it’s YouTuber vs. YouTuber. Also, more PodWar bullshit and is Joe beaten enough? Should we just end it? All this and some music on this episode.

Show notage:
The Dramatic Saga of Fair Use on YouTube

Click the link to hear about FUPA! No not Fat upper pubic area, Fair Use Protection…. Association?

Red Bar vs. NLO shit getting ridiculously out of hand… on RBR’s end.

Are we beating Joe down? Should we end it?

Music this episode:

  • Exposed – Esoterica
  • Pump it up – Skin
  • Flesh for fantasy – Seven Witches
  • Ride – Dust
  • Running Out of Feelings – Second Dan

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