S02E02 – The SINGLE-arity

So I totally fucked around on Saturday when I usually have a drink and do a show so I had to do a sober show. Broken up a bit because of distractions as well. Steve and Vicki also totally bombarded the comment line and found that Googs limits them. Along with that we tackled:

  • Some Crazy Joe stuff
  • I forgot to talk about Dad stuff and Sturbridge Summer/Early Fall stuff on last show.
  • There was a Pot Sasquatch / Grassquatch / Potsquatch siting in Springfield, MA during our big storm
  • My Disdain toward Facebook Cooking posts
  • Online dating sites are a huge scam and some old Dating on Demand vids
  • Dear White People – White people losing their minds and cancelling Netflix


  • Owee – Voltaire
  • Not my Problem Now – Mickey Rickshaw
  • Black Lab – Hole in My Heart

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