S02E06: Presented to you by The Onion Organization

The Onion Organization Presents: That time you identified yourself, but Joe knows you are an Onion. And that onion is you. VooDooRadio on Facebook Live – I’m going to experiment with this first on my personal FB page then we’ll move into our Facebook […]

S02E05 – Red Onion Joe And The Fools (Part 2)

We continue our conversation about Joe and Redbar. We are also joined by Jonsey, Rachel, Josh, and Lauren for a long ass show! These types of shows were fun to do and I hope to do them throught our Facebook group too. Join it […]

S02E04 – Red Onion Joe And The Fools (Part 1)

Right as I was about to work on a show, a group of NLO fans gathered together to talk about the recent top fools we watch with Patrick’s commentary. I covered Tommy’s recent meltdown reviewing Moana and then durin a Facebook group chat, Vicky, […]

S02E03 – The Demented Karl Program

Guys, I think I was hacked while recording my show. Some dude named Karl showed up on the first half of the show. But seriously, as requested, my spoof of Crazy Joe on this short show. Longer show next week, I promise! Music: From […]

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